What is Torigo ?

The Torigo is the limitless game of Go !
Rules are the same, and easy , but the board (also called Goban) don't have edges or corners anymore!

The main goals of this renewal are to:
- Allow new players to discover the beautiful game of Go in a funny new way, there are no openings!
- Challenge both Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers and human players to confront within another dimension.

➜ Will this reshuffle the deck between the players?
➜ Will AlphaGo and the master Lee Sedol take the challenge back?
➜ Will this be the new strategy game unbeaten by machines? For now, it is 😜

Robot playing

To answer those questions, let's play this retrofuturistic game ! 

More ?

An Article has been dedicated to the project by the author, developer and of course Go gamer, Maxime Goaziou.

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🙏 Thanks for people making it possible and growing!

Contact: vick@torigo.io

Torii from Japan